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The Secret To Chantix Success

by Brian Welsch

Almost everybody has some sort of habit or addiction these days. Addiction does not have to be illegal, for instance, many people feel they are addicted to chocolate. One must admit it has a powerful hold on those who feel they must have it. There is one legal addiction however, that few people can kick on their own. That addiction is to nicotine.

There are many products on the market that advertise they will help you quit smoking. Some even guarantee you will quit. Here is where the buyer should beware. Nicotine is a powerful drug and one of the most difficult to do without once you are addicted to it. There is one drug that is fairly new on the market but is having a good success rate. That drug is Chantix. Chantix success stories are everywhere. People who have been smoking forty or fifty years have had great results with Chantix success .

Chantix is not a nicotine replacement. Rather it is a drug that blocks the pleasure that nicotine sends to the brain. This is the whole key to Chantix success . You can still smoke but you will no longer enjoy it.

The Chantix Success Program

Unfortunately there are no magic pills or formulas which will make you stop smoking. This is something you must desire to do if you are ever going to achieve any kind of success. Smoking is not just the addiction to nicotine; it is also the addiction in your mind about what to do with your hands.

When you get up in the morning the first thing a smoker usually does is grab a cigarette. Many others can't wait to have that first cup of coffee and a cigarette. This goes beyond nicotine addiction; it becomes a routine way of life and you do it every day. Chantix can take away the pleasure you receive from nicotine but it can't break the routine habits you get into each day.

Chantix success depends on several factors. The drug itself will help with the cravings and reduce your enjoyment but you must be committed to make some lifestyle changes. Instead of that grabbing for a cigarette when you first get out of bed, try popping a tic tac in your mouth. Postpone that cup of coffee as long as you can. If possible, drink a glass of mild instead. Cigarettes never taste good with milk.

When you finish a meal, go directly to the bathroom and brush your teeth and use mouthwash. This will help get the taste of food out of your mouth and change your habits also. Avoid places where other people are smoking. Change your daily routine. Try going for a brisk walk or taking in a movie. Do things you are not accustomed to doing. Chantix success depends a lot on you and how you feel about quitting.