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Chantix - Stop smoking hit

More and more people are attempting to quit smoking. This is never an easy task because of the powerful hold nicotine has on smokers. It puts smokers into a virtual prison where parole is extremely hard to achieve. Rarely does anybody find success the first time.

Pfizer has introduced a new drug which meets FDA approval for smoking cessation. Chantix offers a popular new approach to quitting. When the body inhales nicotine it releases a chemical called dopamine which provides a feeling of pleasure. This pleasurable feeling is only temporary and leaves the body asking for more. Chantix is designed to block this pleasurable feeling, thereby giving the body no desire to smoke. Chantix also helps to decrease withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine use. Learn more about Chantix itself

  • Basic Facts

    Chantix comes in a pill form and does not contain nicotine. Heavy smokers are encouraged to take two pills a day for a minimum of twelve weeks. If, after twelve weeks you still feel the need for reinforcement, you can continue taking it for another twelve weeks.

    Learn more about proper dosage and usage.
  • Ready, Set, Go

    If you are a smoker you need to understand there are no magic bullets.
    You have to be committed to quitting. Educate yourself before attempting to quit. Talk with your doctor; research the internet, read anything you can find. Know and understand what to expect every step of the way. Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit and put it on your refrigerator so you can see it every day. Smoking is a mental addiction as well as a physical one. You have to be prepared to deal with both aspects if you want to succeed. Chantix gives you the greatest chance at beating the habit for life.

    Learn more about smoking addiction

  • Replacement Therapies Are Not So Effective

    There have been replacement therapies accessible for many years along with the prescription drug bupropion, sold under the brand of Wellbutrin and originally marketed as an anti-depressant. After showing positive benefits to help people stop smoking it was remarketed under the name of Zyban as a quit-smoking drug. While many are interested about this stop smoking drug there is no assurance that it will help everyone.

    However, by adding this new stop smoking drug Chantix to the pharmacies, it offers another weapon to help people quit smoking and its success rate will be closely watched and reported to FDA. Additionally, clinical tests have shown it also works to control weight gain typically connected to smoking reduction and offers relief to smokers long after the initial 12-week drug therapy. It has also improved the success rate for new non-smokers who would typically return to the habit after a year.

    On the quitting road,  it’s all about getting there.First results have shown that 44 percent of those using the new stop smoking drug Chantix were successful in their attempts to stop smoking after the first 12 weeks, but researchers are more interested in the longer lasting effects and are monitoring those patients closely.

    Learn more about how it exactly works

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Chantix or Champix

Champix is the brand name of the Pfizer anti-smoking drug, varenicline tartrate, which is sold in Canada and Europe. The same drug is branded as Chantix in the United States.

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Determining Whether Or Not You Should Take Chantix

The stage of determining whether or not you should start yourself on the quit smoking pill like Chantix is one which is hugely important and significant.

read more is a totaly independent site about Varenicline, stop smoking pharmaceutical medication created by Pfizer Inc. , which is selling it under the trademarked name Chantix. Absolutely nothing on this site is intended to infringe on that trademark. Information on this site is not a medical advice, facts published here are for informational purposes only.

CHANTIX ® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc. has no association with Pfizer Inc.